Monday, November 23, 2009

In Which there are Injured Legs, Crazy Family Members, Tired Castle Keepers, Intense House Cleaning, a Crazy Writerly Daughter, and Many Dead Bugs

Hello, good readers of the Faerie Castle. This is Jenna, of As the Plot Thickens and The Delusional (loving that shameless blog promoting, eh?), Tracy's kickass and oh-so-modest (heh) daughter, here today (erm, tonight) with none other than a GUEST POST! Because Mother has all but LOST HER MIND!

(Which isn't exactly a good thing, but it does provide me with endless hours of amusement, so there ya go.)

Mah Mommeh has been a bit occupied these past couple of days. I succeeded in busting my knee on Thursday night and pulling a muscle, which caused me not to be able to walk for a day (which meant I, unfortunately, had to miss school and TWO TESTS AND A PRESENTATION). So she had to wait on me and take me to the doctor. But I'm fine now, so no worries there.

My grandma, nana, and cousin all got into town from sunny Florida on Saturday afternoon, and Mother-of-Mine and I spent most of that day cleaning the house from top to bottom. I spent three hours up to my elbows in bleach water, scrubbing my bathroom from tub to toilet. Most definitely NOT my favorite task in the world.

Over the past few days, I have been frantically trying to finish this year's National Novel Writing Month novel, which I have titled The Endless. It's a murder mystery, and it's hard work. I've met the official goal of 50,000 words, but I'm shooting for 90,000 total. Meaning that I've been holed up in my room for the past two days doing not a whole lot with the family unless they make me. Which irritates Mother-of-Mine. But hey, last year I typed through Thanksgiving dinner. I don't think much can top that level of irritation. But don't worry, I won't do that this year.


Anyway, we fumigated today (again) and killed some bugs (again). They're still sort of...everywhere...but we did manage to put a dent in the scurrying, many-legged, icky population. For a few days. Maybe.

Icky, icky, grosstastic, ucky, yucky, absolutely disgusting little creatures are bugs. Ugh.

Before I leave you to go do your thing, I'll toss a funny lil' video at you:

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Love and hugs and stuff,




The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

That is so cool that you posted for your mom today. You are a great daughter!

Hope your knee is better!

Mrsblogalot said...

Hello!!!! I have an award waiting for you at my bloghouse (-: Melyssa

CailinMarie said...

What a fun guest post. I'm new here at the Faerie Castle but I suspect Mom got a kick out of it. I certainly did.