Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lazy or overworked???

So, say you are living my life.... here it goes:

Take care of two toddlers all day. Feed and water them, clothe them, play with them, try to teach and discipline them, etc etc etc.....

Drive hubby to work twice a day (split shifts) and feed him. Wash his clothes, clean his house, etc etc etc....

Try to talk to teen and pay attention to her drama and school stuff. Buy her coffee. etc etc etc....

Then, in the midst of all of this, read 27 gazillion blogs. Try to comment on them.

Read articles written by friends who write on AC. ABout 47 to read a day! Sometimes more, sometimes less. Try to comment on all of them.

Realize that you need to make money.

Write at least 2 articles for helium each day. Write 2 - 3 articles for AC per day. Try to make sure they are good enough to actually make money on.

Realize at the last minute that you never did write in your own blog all day. Or week.

Wrack your brain trying to think of something interesting to write about.

Give up and go to bed.....

Lazy or overworked?

To be honest, my commenting has fallen by the wayside along with my writing on the blog. And I have not written more than 3 articles for the past week. But I have an excuse! My in laws came to visit! And Malachai turned two!

I am in the process of trying to get myself organized in some way that I will actually be able to accomplish everything in one day that I need and want to accomplish....

Any suggestions?


Nana The Nana said...

Well, let me see, how about wait several years until they all grow up and see if you can find time then. Oh wait, I am there and sorry to say, now I seem to have some time but no energy! Guess you can't win either way. Love and hugs. Just keep trying and maybe not try to do so much!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

no suggestions here... i am so far behind i will always feel in 1st place LOL

Bina said...

Yes, TAKE A BREAK! Good Lord Woman! I had two toddlers. They were 18 months apart, and it was PURE hell! Keeing the house clean, the laundry done, the kids clean, the kids fed, and all that other crap. It is freaking exhausting. Take care of you two little ones, and tell hubby he is on his own a few days. You can take care of so many people at one time and it sounds like you aren't taking care of YOU!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey. It's Lori. I felt like talking and didn't have your number. Wow. I thought my life was must be so tired!

Things are okay here. I'm having a down night. No reason why...listening to music,drinking a class of wine and have tons of candles lit! Only the dogs to keep me company....but that's okay.

I'm sorry to hear about the husband. I hope he's feeling better.

Take care of yourself.
love you.