Sunday, March 29, 2009

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Update coming later today about the Wingmen of Mayhem.... it has been quite a week!

For anyone looking for activities for your kids for Good Friday and Easter, I have some great articles up on AC! Please feel free to pass the links along to anyone you think might be interested!

Here are four different activities that you can do with your children this Good Friday to help teach them and to keep them occupied.

Teaching your children the meaning and the solemnity of Good Friday is something that takes time and effort. Here are three different crafts to do with your child that are all about crosses for this Good Friday.

Since the actual date of Easter Sunday changes every year and can fall anywhere from late March to the end of April, I am always at a loss. Why does the date change every year? And how is that date determined?

This Easter, you might want to consider an easy and inexpensive craft for you and you children. An Easter tree is a great centerpiece for your table, a fun craft to make and can become a new tradition for your family.

Candy Free Easter Baskets
Celebrating Easter, treating your children and still remaining sugar and candy free can be a challenge. Here are several ideas for Easter Baskets that will free you from the candy woes this Easter.

Candy Free Easter Egg Ideas
Those fun plastic Easter eggs need to be stuffed with something great for the kids. Here are several ideas for stuffing eggs with something other than candy.

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Bina said...

This year, my girls will be with their dad for Easter, but I really like the idea of a candy free Easter Basket!