Thursday, July 29, 2010

Catch up

I am so dang busy this summer with appointments and meetings and cleaning and yada yada yada! I know, everyone is busy. I feel like a chicken with no head.... anyway. For anyone reading who does NOT follow me on Facebook, here is what has been going on (in bullets) (cause I is feelin' lazy)

  • Braeden had his second evaluation with a diagnosis of PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified) (I hate that diagnosis, it seems like they are just saying they have no idea) which is on the spectrum but not specifically autism.
  • He saw a psychiatrist who agrees with us that medication is not right for Braeden. She had us start him on an Omega -3 fish oil supplement as well as probiotics (which we had already been giving him) and his multi vitamin.
  • He is now seeing a therapist for ABA therapy (applied behavioral) but has just started and I have no idea how often he will be going, etc.
  • He had a speech evaluation with a private therapist this past week. SHe is reccomending an additional 2 hours of therapy each week in addition to the one hour the school will provide.
  • We are supposed to meet with Special Services and the school next week to write his IEP for starting Kindergarten. (!!!)
Malachai updates:

  • Mal was turned down for Headstart (preK program) because we are over income. Sound familiar? Same thing happened to us with Braeden at 3 years old.
  • He is on the waiting list in case anyone drops out. I'm not holding my breath but am crossing my fingers
  • His speech comes and goes. Some days he is clear as a bell, other days I can't understand a word he says. He is very much into "babbling" which concerns me as I feel that he should be beyond that at this point.
  • I am trying to decide if I should request an evaluation for him for ASD just to ease my mind. I really think all of his behaviors and speech issues are learned from his big brother. But, I could be wrong.
  • Mal is refusing to use the potty. I am about to go old school on both of the boys! Actually, I am going to implement a plan from Braeden's ABA therapist for BOTH boys to try to deal with the potty issues.
Jenna's update:
  • She is gone for the summer.
  • She is now a SENIOR!!! OMG!!!!
  • She wants to attend Pratt Institute in NYC. OMG!!!!!
  • She still has not learned to drive. My bad. Now we have to go get her a new learners permit! LOL
  • She is currently working as a Counselor in Training at Camp Crystal in Florida. She will not be back here until the 2nd week of school. But, since it is volunteer work, she will be okay.
  • I miss her like crazy!!!
Steven's update:

  • He is working 12 hour shifts Tuesday through Saturday. Noon to midnight. Which means he actually is not getting home until after 1 am. It sucks.
  • He and I are ..... okay. Things are bumpy but will get better.

My update:

  • I am stressed.
  • I am tired.
  • I need a break.
  • I need a drink.
  • I am completely overwhelmed by all of the stuff with Braeden.
  • I am freaking out about him going to Kindergarten.
  • I am writing again. For Demand Studios mostly. It is helping make ends meet but sure is hard to do with the Wingmen of Mayhem running around.
  • I am smoking too much but am trying to exercise more and lose weight.
  • I am in need of a vacation and can't wait until my Mom and MIL come to visit in a few weeks! I could use a hug.

So. There you go!

I plan to try to write at least every other day on the blog. No guarantees though. It depends on what is going on IRL. I'll try to get by to visit all of y'alls blogs soon!

HUGS and blessings

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Rue said...

Hang in there - you have a ton on your plate! Try to enjoy the Summer a bit if you can!