Sunday, February 15, 2009

Update.... again

Steven still has not passed the stone. It has now lodged itself again and is causing blockage of his kidney. Again. But, this time, it has blocked it to such an extent that there is swelling showing on the ultrasound. So, rather than risk permanent damage to the kidney, we have scheduled surgery for Monday morning.

They will be placing a stent which will allow his kidney to drain. No fun. In 10 days - 2 weeks he will go to have it removed. If the stone has still not passed at that point then they will have to go in and get it.

We are stressing somewhat although both of us trust his doctor. Send positive thoughts and I will update after the surgery on Monday. Things have been crazy and weird and busy here. Long stories involving broken down vans and sickness and just stress filled weeks. Maybe we will have some good luck to balance out the bad soon.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

thoughts and prayers!

comfortandjoy said...

I'm sending you good energy and praying to any god with whom I have not burned all my bridges.