Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It's been a rough week or so here at the castle.

Right now I am fighting off flu like symptoms that are rapidly moving into my chest to become bronchitis. Again. Actually, I have not had bronchitis in several years, so I guess it is not that bad. As a smoker, I am over due.

Steven had to go to the emergency room last week. He had kidney stones again. We tried to just let him ride it out and wait for them to pass, but the pain was so extreme that he was vomiting every time he tried to drink anything. Kinda hard to pee if you are not drinking anything. So, we went to the ER. Jenna stayed with the boys and watched them. She can be such a big help when she wants to be.

So, after numerous xrays and a CT scan, yes, he has kidney stones. The worst part is that one of them is 6 mm and that is huge as far as stones go. He CAN pass it, barely, but it is blocking his kidney right now because of where it is. If he does not pass it this week, he will start having kidney damage. We went to the urologist Friday morning and they did xrays again. They wanted to take him to do a procedure right then (a sonic thingy) but it costs $15,000 to do and we have no insurance. So, he is at home with pain killers. He has missed about 4 days of work so far. He is supposed to try to go back today.

He goes back to the urologist on Friday. If he has not passed the stone, they want to do a stint (?) (I think I spelled that right) so that his kidney can drain so he does not get kidney damage. We will have to pay the last office visit fees ($200), the fees for this next visit ($100) and then the fees for the surgery to install the stint (around $250). They are actually going to do the stint for free, all we will have to pay is the anesthesiologist and any materials.

This sucks.

He is drinking lots of water to try to pass the stone before friday.

On another note, Malachai (the 21 month old) has learned to climb out of his crib. I am going crazy. Now I have to get the toddler bed ready and try to get him to sleep in that so he does not kill himslef climbing out of the crib.

Pray for me.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

hugs and prayers

Mama Bear said...

bless your heart!! let me know if I can help I am just around the corner - Please call me if you need anything! Kassidy climbed out very early and we bought one of the crib tents and it has been awesome, she was only like 10 months so a toddler bed was not an option - but she is still in her crib at 2 and a half and I really nervous about the toddler bed - anyway call me and let me know how I can help!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you! Man - I've heard how painful those are. I can't imagine.

I hope it is already gone.

Anonymous said...

Kidney problems suck. I've had my own. I hope his resolve quickly. Yet another example of why universal health care would be so beneficial.

The toddler bed is such a huge step. I hope the transition goes well!

Bina said...

Oh my gosh. Your poor husband. When I had the stones I thought something in my body was being stabbed with an ice pick over and over. One of mine was also 6 mm, but by the time I finally went to the ER and they did the thingie (x rays? I don't know) it had already passed through the tubbing and was in my bladder.

I hope his passes as well.

Bina said...

I was just wondering how the kidney stone thing worked out. Did he ever pass them?