Thursday, January 7, 2010

Soup, Snow and Sauce

No snow yet. But the schools are all closed tomorrow because of the possibility of icy roads. No one here in MS has snow tires or whatever. Icy roads = dangerous. No school for any of the kiddos tomorrow! But, I do have to venture out to take Steven to work around noon. Hopefully by then the roads will be okay.

I made soup for dinner. My famous (in my own head) pantry cleaning soup! I used the leftover turkey carcass I had in my freezer from Thanksgiving and made some stock. Picked the bones for meat and added carrots, onion, garlic, a can of diced potatoes from the cabinet, a can of diced rutabaga, a can of tomato with chilis and some frozen green beans. Lots of herbs and spices, an imerssion blender and lots of cooking and I have a fab soup. I served it with a brown and red rice, barley and rice mix that I made. Yummy. And perfect for this icy night! And really.... pretty damn healthy too!

I got an order from Eden Fantasy today and one of my items is defective. Hate it when I have to do any kind of returns!

I am about to go and fix myself a drink... Jack and Coke for Mama. Steven is closing tonight and will not be home until around 1 AM but has a ride home so I do not have to venture out. So, time to have a drink, take a bath, read some trashy novels and relax!!!!!!

Hope you are all safe, warm and happy on this cold winter night!


Michelle said...

Seriously, the thought of Jack and Coke makes me nauseous. I haven't been able to drink liquor since being delete that... STUPID and drinking about 2 32oz cups of Long Island Iced Tea...bblleecckkk! But enjoy your drink. :D

Thank you for your comment! I understand. I read a lot of blogs and sometimes just can't comment.

Christina said...

mmm that soup sounds so good on this cold night! im in florida and we icicles in the front yard!!! we were going to make a nice hot chili tonight but forgot some hamburger so we had pasta :(

Lisa said...

Dang girl! You're followers are growing every day!! I'm so happy for you:)
The soup sounds delish! Perfect for days like this.
It's nice you are able to have a relaxing evening.
We got a light dusting here but it's almost like solid ice. Not much on the ground but in our little corner, no one is moving. If it wasn't for my husband and the trusty 4-wheel drive we would be totally shut-in for probably a week at least. Not that I mind:o)

Sonja said...

Wow, what a great sounding soup! Makes me not feel so cold right now.

Mother's Moon's Message said...

Yes, the temperatures are cold that is for sure.... hope your weather does not get too bad... enjoy the time inside... and also that soup... always a good meal for times like these

Nana The Nana said...

It does sound very good! I noticed no one mentioned the defective item from Eden Fantasy.. Wonder why not?
Should a mother ask?

Bina said...

We didn't get the snow we were promised, but we DO have the cold temperatures. I don't really mind it much cause honestly, I'll must be in the house most of the time anyway, ya know?

That soup sounds great!

Rue said...

The soup sounds amazing - yum!

Eden's Fantasy? Sounds like fun - too bad it was defective!

Hope you had a relaxing evening!

mrsb said...

Jack and Coke is my absolute favorite! Hope you are enjoying your snow day!

JoeyRes said...

I would love some of your famous soup. I haven't left the house all week and it's starting to show in our food stores!

Good luck in the winter weather - stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Well the soup and the sauce sounds delightful to me.

It was sposed to snow in Florida too! My kids were pumped but we got nuttin