Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Nothing going on. I am boring, Really. I swear, I feel like my life is just passing by and I am watching with no control sometimes. Less than a month to go before vacation. Can't wait.

Maybe I will post cute kid pics later. Then at least you ahve something to look at even if I am not writing anything worth reading! LOL


Jenna said...

It's fifth period. I cut up the frog in third. Mommy, my shirt still smells like dead frog!!! Augh!

Hope your day's going okay. See you in a couple hours. :)

Nana The Nana said...

Oh my gosh, she will have a story to tell tonight!

Bina said...

Dang! I am feeling the EXACT same way! I'm really beginning to feel antsy about it, too, which can't mean anything good.

Cut up a frog???? BLAH!!!!!!!!!